czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013


Hello! If I owe you something, my card didn`t arrived etc.: please mail me and please be patient. From Christmas at last 1/2 of cards I sent didn`t arrived and this is not only my problem in Poland. I try my best to send or resend all your cards as I belive you can`t be "hurt" because of polish post incompetence - I also work, study and my son is very sick right now so I spend a lot of time between hospitals so please use the mail: - send me all informations I will need and wait for my answer and mail in your mailbox. Thank you.
A teraz coś miłego, a mianowicie piękna pocztówka z galerii cytryny wprost od daisee. Ja sama mam od razu muzyczne skojarzenia, choć przyznam że nie znałam zaproponowanej piosenki. Znam za to wiele szant i przyśpiewek, których moje dzieci uwielbiają (albo w przypadku Eryka uwielbiały) słychać. 
English: And now something really nice. This greate postcard is a fav tag from daisee and one of cards from lemon gallery. One the back Kasia wrote me words of the song I didn`t know :) Its hard as I really know a lot of polish shants and songs related to sea.

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  1. I hope your son gets well soon!
    All the best!

  2. Mam słabość do latarni morskich ;) A ta jest wyjątkowo piękna !! xD