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Experimental Profile

Hello Everyone!

This is a little experiment so don`t be mad. I realised that many people don`t want to read too much so on the PC I only gave short note and for people that are trully interested what I would like to recive there is this long profile.

I`m a student, and a mother of two boys. I love to travel, but crisis hit everyone so, I am unable to.
Thats why I decided I will exchange postcards with others to learn my sons about other cultures and customs.
We love folk, legends and children stories (my sons will like such cards a lot). We also collect uncencelled stamps from all over the world, and fridge magnets from different pleaces. This way we create our own map with my older son, and I learn him geography of the world. You can send me a recipte of interesting dishes from your country coz I love to cook and I`m trying to learn children this unique art. Kitchen is my kingdom so everithing related is also wellcome.

- single view cards with beautiful views
- Newfoundland Dog, Husky and South Russian Ovtcharka (Jużak)
- Reading persons and books
- Matryoshka, Daruma, Kokeshi etc.:
- Illustrations from children books, legends or Lennart Helje, Rie Cramer, Rudolf Koivu, Sven Nordqvist, Lisi Martin, Jessie Willcox Smith
- National costumes (folklore)
- Jetoy
- Gotochi
- NI & Aquarupella

And now something i thought it would be nice. There is a lot of christmas, celebrations, festivals all over the world. Some are almost universal and others works only in one country, region or culture. I would be very happy if you will send me occasional cards with your traditional wishes and a small note abouth the hollyday - it does not matter if I know it or not, there is only one rule I wana such a card only in a period of time you acctualy send such cards to your friend and family. Thank you!

You will know all - because this is my wish list.

We would be very happy to recive Pettson and Findus postcards as we love the story as well as Mama Muuu...

We like cards WRITTEN AND STAMPED. We would love to read about you, your customs or normal day in your country. Anything would be greate... anything more then just "Happy postcrossing". Please write an orginal sentence in your native language :)

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